The History of the Corellian Merchants' Guild

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The History of the Corellian Merchants' Guild

Post  Tanner McFadden on Wed Jan 02, 2013 9:30 am

The Corellian Merchants' Guild, or CMG, is a galaxy-spanning private trade organization that provides monetary aid, information, contacts and starship maintenance and repair facilities for its members. Only native Corellians and the owners and crew of Corellian-made starships are eligible for membership.

The Corellian Merchants’ Guild was founded in the ancient days of Corellia, during the infancy of space travel into the galaxy. Founded by wealthy Corellian merchants and important Corellian political figures in the galaxy, the CMG is deeply entrenched in galactic commerce. In the early days of the galaxy, the Corellian government sealed off their borders to interstellar trade vessels and were ordered to drop their payloads in the outlying systems of the Corellian Sector. Afterwards, the CMG would transport and transfer the cargo to their proper destination. The CMG had an active role in the Corellian government shipping and travel regulatory division. Many Corellians prospered during this ancient time.

The Corellian Merchants’ Guild closed its door for a time period, when the Corellian government ceded the reign of power to the Galactic Empire. Many of the wealthy merchants left their home of Corellia to plant roots in the far reaches of the galaxy, out of the strict control of the Galactic Empire. Because the CMG had major influence in the Corellian government, the Galactic Empire viewed the CMG as a hotbed of sedition and anti-Imperial activity, but because of their influence in the galactic commerce, the Empire could not easily declare the organization illegal.

Today, the CMG has reemerged with a new headquarters in the Urce System. With the forefathers of the Corellian Merchants’ Guild past, the new generation of CMG merchants have embraced the concept of neutrality in the midst of the Galactic Civil War. With neither side making any head-way to win or end this war, the CMG transcends the borders of the galaxy to continue to influence commerce and create prosperity in the far reaches of the existence.

The Corellian Merchants’ Guild has a Public Trade Division which is actively seeking Corellians or Sentient of the star systems to help lead the following areas: Transportation, Production, Resourcing, Sales, and Security. The goal of CMG is to be the leading producer of all Corellian designed items, weapons, vehicles, and starships in the galaxy.

The CMG is seeking intelligent, savvy, multi-tasking sentients that can pilot multiple types of vessels or vehicles, while operating all sorts of weapon systems. The CMG is looking for adventurous and daring Sentients to take on this challenge, in helping the Corellian Merchants’ Guild to becoming the “Best Production Faction in the Galaxy!”

Take the challenge and become a ~ HERO, MAVERICK, SCHOLAR![right]

Very Respectfully;
Tanner A. McFadden
Grand Duke of the Council
The Corellian Merchants' Guild
Heroes ~ Mavericks ~ Scholars
Tanner McFadden
Grand Duke of the Council
Grand Duke of the Council

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