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The McFadden Fleet

Post  Tanner McFadden on Tue Jan 15, 2013 11:45 am

Owner: Tanner McFadden

ID# 218740
Type: YT-1300
Name: The Gallant Eagle

ID# 292785
Type: YV-666
Name: The Corellian Queen

ID#: 211068
Type: YT-510
Name: The Lightning Lark

ID#: 189992
Type: Barloz-class
Name: The Hasty Hummingbird

ID#: 278605
Type: YT-2000
Name: The Flashing Falcon

Very Respectfully;
Tanner A. McFadden
Grand Duke of the Council
The Corellian Merchants' Guild
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Tanner McFadden
Grand Duke of the Council
Grand Duke of the Council

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